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If you're a great organiser with strong administration skills and a flair for leading and motivating teams, then a career in office management could be for you. Delegating, motivating, communicating, and understanding team dynamics are some of the key skills needed. With those skills, along with patience and a strong sense of balance, you can become a very effective manager.



Office managers are the jack-of-all-trades of their respective organizations. Depending on the size of the company, office managers may be asked to distribute resources, plan administrative events and budgets, oversee mechanical infrastructures, and coordinate with the human resources department. Essentially, office managers are responsible for maintaining the working integrity of the workplace. They are often stratified into several layers of authority, with managers reporting up the company's hierarchy. Relevant work experience is crucial for office managers. They must demonstrate both their familiarity with, and knowledge of their industry, as well as an ability to lead.

It is of the utmost importance that office managers understand technological trends as workplaces become increasingly automated. And as always, they must keep the company's vision at the forefront of the employees' minds, inspiring passion and practicality in equal measure.




You can become an office manager with any degree subject , but the following subjects may be particularly helpful:
• business administration/business management
• computing and information technology
• human resource management
• management
• public administration.
Entry without a degree or foundation degree is possible if you have relevant office experience and skills. Many office managers enter at office administrator level and work their way up with experience. Some employers will ask for a management qualification at office manager level.
You don't usually need a postgraduate qualification to become an office manager, but some graduates choose to do further study in a business-related field.


You will need to have:
• excellent organisational and time management skills
• knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and other commonly used office packages
• strong IT and typing skills
• the ability to prioritise tasks and work under pressure
• good teamworking skills and the confidence to lead and motivate a team
• the ability to manage your own workload and supervise the work of others concurrently
• excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
• attention to detail
• flexibility and adaptability to changing workloads
• a problem-solving approach to work
• project management skills.
A familiarity with legislation in the areas of employment, equality and diversity and data protection is also useful.


Office managers are employed across the board in the public, private, and charity sectors; in short, by any organisation that runs an office, from small businesses to public bodies and multinational corporations.

Typical employers include:

  • NHS and private healthcare organisations
  • educational establishments, including schools and further and higher education institutions
  • local and central government bodies
  • charities and community groups
  • financial services organisations
  • legal firms
  • social work organisations
  • entertainment, creative, media and leisure industries
  • engineering firms
  • transport companies
  • retailers, wholesalers and distributers
  • manufacturers across all branches of industry
  • science organisations
  • security services
  • public utilities - gas, electricity, water and telecommunications providers.

Here’s a chance for one and all to be independent and work ahead to lead your institution’s bright future

Nsim is expanding its network to give affiliations for the institutes those are willing to provide classes/training for office managers in different part of the country. Interested institutes and the aspirants for the course can register in the provided link.



We hopefully invites institutions that are well known for their services in office management sectors to act as an umbrella to mobilize candidates of your locality. Those institutions who are interested in forming  affilation with Nsim are whole heartedly WELCOME !!!


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