Marketing Research

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Marketing Research course is designed for professionals in any business or functional area that require a top-level understanding of marketing in order to make informed strategic business decisions for their companies. This includes people involved in making decisions about products and services, pricing, promotion and placement; those who need to interact with the marketing function and its managers; or those working in small organizations or business units without a formal marketing team. Entrepreneurs and executives who need strategic marketing knowledge to inform product planning and positioning will also benefit from this course.




  • The candidates should complete their 10+2 or its equivalent exam with 50% in Any stream.




Section 1

  • Introducing markeing Research
  • Understanding the marketing research industry
  • Steps in the Marketing Research process

Section 2

  • Research Design
  • Accessing secondary data and Online Information Databases
  • Standardised Information Sources

Section 3

  • Deciding on your survey data collection method
  • Using measurement scales in your survey
  • Designing your Questionaire

Section 4

  • Determining Sample size and Sample method
  • Collecting Data and summarizing what you found in your sample
  • Generalizing your sample findings to the population


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Employment Area


For Marketing Researchers majority of positions are found in market research agencies or consultancies. These specialist agencies manage and oversee research projects commissioned by a range of organisations, including businesses, advertising and PR agencies, local and central government and charities.

Many of the marketing research agencies are located in and around London and in the South East of England. Agencies range in size from two, to several hundred employees, offering specialist or general consultancy.

Opportunities also exist client-side, where market researchers work within industrial and commercial organisations, such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical and retail companies, as well as in advertising agencies and charities. Roles in these settings may involve coordinating and contracting out the research on behalf of the company or assisting in the development of marketing strategies.

Research institutions and government departments also employ market researchers. 

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