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By Nsim Team


Would you like to work in a field that involves working with numbers and with people? Are you comfortable being accountable for results? Does a 9-5, office-based career appeal to you? Do you have an interest in developing, motivating and leading staff?
If you’ve answered “yes” to the above questions, then becoming a purchasing manager may be a great career choice for you.


Who is a Purchasing Manager?

As a purchasing manager, you would be responsible for planning and directing the activities of purchasing staff and related workers, who are involved in purchasing materials, products and services for an organization.
You would ultimately be responsible for ensuring that the goods and services they purchase, are of the proper quantity, quality and price as required by your organization.


Education Needed to become a Purchasing Manager?

The education required to become a purchasing manager can vary based on the discretion of the employer, although you typically need a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Supply Chain Management, or a closely related field.
Some employers may prefer candidates with a master’s degree in one of these areas, while others may accept years of experience in roles of progressive responsibility in place of formal education. 


Skills Needed to Become a Purchasing Manager

In order to become an effective worker in this field, you need to possess and/or develop certain skills, including
• The ability to lead and motivate teams of employees
• Experience in training developing staff
• The ability to work within budgetary constraints
• Excellent negotiation skills and the ability to persuade others
• The ability to ensure employees are performing their job duties effectively
• The ability to effectively evaluate suppliers and choose those with the best combination of price and quality
• Intermediate to expert-level competency in MS Office suite
• You can effectively set priorities, while taking into account short and long-term needs of the business
• You can make sound decisions based on established requirements, procedures and practices


Who Creates Jobs for Purchasing Managers?

As a purchasing manager, you could be employed by any organization that spends large sums of money are on equipment, supplies and services. Such types of organizations may include:
• Federal, provincial/state and municipal governments
• Construction companies
• Manufacturing companies
• School boards
• Regional health authorities
• Post-secondary institutions 
• Large publicly traded and private businesses


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