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If you have exceptional organizational abilities, you like looking after administrative affairs, and you're not afraid of some 9-5, then a career as an executive assistant might be right up your alley!
This field offers great pay, plenty of room for advancement, and the chance to make proper use of your organization, time management, and professional communications abilities.


Who is an Executive Assistant?

An executive assistant is responsible for coordinating administrative procedures, public relations activities and research functions for corporate officials and executives, as well as members of parliament and members of legislative assemblies.


Education You'll Needed to Become an Executive Assistant

The educational requirements that employers will list on job postings will vary from job to job. Some employers do not require any formal post-secondary education, whereas others may require a certificate, diploma or degree in a field related to business administration.


Skills You’ll Needed to Become Executive Assistant

In order to qualify for most executive assistant jobs, and to perform your duties effectively, you will need some or all of the following skills:
• Strong knowledge of office procedures and practices
• Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, Power Point)
• Strong customer service skills and excellent interpersonal skills
• Exceptional organizational and time management skills, with strong attention to detail
• Able to supervise the work of junior staff, including coaching and providing performance evaluations
• Demonstrated proficiency taking and preparing meeting minutes
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills to deal with a high volume of inquiries (telephone, incoming/outgoing correspondence, reports, memo and letter writing)


Who Creates Jobs for Executive Assistants?

Jobs for executive assistants may be found with virtually any kind of organization, of almost any size, within any industry.
For example, an executive assistant may be hired to assist the owner of a one-person operation, or they may be hired to assist a an executive within a large multi-national corporation.
Most jobs for administrative assistants are on a full-time basis, although part-time jobs do exist, especially within smaller organizations. Some executive assistants are even self-employed, and work from home as virtual assistants.

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