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By Nsim Team


If you’ve ever purchased something online, you know how valuable a great user experience is. And if you’ve ever returned to that site to make another purchase, you know how valuable branding is.
The often-overlooked professionals who put their names on those experiences are e-commerce managers. They have fun jobs, get paid well, and you could be one of them.


Who is an E-Commerce Manager ?

As an e-commerce manager, your primary responsibility would be to oversee the operation of your company’s e-commerce website to ensure it makes the maximum financial return.
One of your main responsibilities would be to supervise the employees who create and maintain the website and related web systems. These employees may include marketing coordinators, web designers, software engineers, sales representatives and other specialists. 


Education You’ll Needed to Work E - Commerce Manager

To become an e-commerce manager, you’ll need to have skills in business and marketing, as well as working knowledge of the technology used for generating online sales.
Because of this, having an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in a field related to business, marketing, e-commerce, or a closely related field is very suitable for this role.
It is of course, possible to enter this field without relevant education, provided you have the work experience to prove you'd be competent in e-commerce management.


Skills Needed to Become an E - Commerce Manager

A focus on user experience: You’ll need to have an understanding of how to create a well designed site with proper branding and flawless functionality.
Brand development/cohesion: You need to be able to adhere to, and reinforce, the brand standards set by your company, while adapting campaigns to online media (if applicable).
Marketing: You need to be mindful of brand engagement while not overlooking sales targets. You should aim to develop a website that accomplishes both objectives.
Prioritization: You, your team, and executive management will have more ideas than you can possibly implement. The importance of choosing ideas that acquire shoppers, convert sales, and create loyal customers, over those that are exciting for the sake of design or technology, cannot be understated.
Personnel Management: The ability to recruit, train, supervise, motivate and discipline staff members will be paramount to your success. The strength of your team will be a direct reflection of your management abilities. 
Project Management: You will have to operate under timeline, budgetary and other restrictions. You also have to be able to effectively communicate progress with executive management, as well as any suggestions to improve efficiency. 


Who Employs E-Commerce Managers?

As an e-commerce manager, you could potentially be employed by many different types of organizations, including:
• Online retailers
• Other types of websites (information websites, magazines, etc.) with an e-commerce element
• 'Brick and mortar’ retailers with both offline and online storefronts 


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