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The best path for becoming a school administrator, is to gain experience as a teacher or and earn a master’s degree in education, educational leadership, or educational administration. 
Being a school administrator would involve planning and developing instructional methods and content, setting school performance goals and objectives, and recruiting, developing and supervising teachers and support staff.
This career offers excellent pay, as well as social environment, challenging and rewarding work, and no two days that are ever the same.


Who is a School Administrator?

The term “School Administrator” is a blanket term that refers to professionals working in the following occupations:
• Board of education administrator
• Director of education for correctional institutions
• District school superintendent
• Elementary or secondary school principal or vice-principal 
• Headmaster/mistress of a private school
• Superintendent of elementary schools or secondary schools
• Superintendent of special education
As a school administrator, you would be responsible for planning and coordinating the academic and clerical activities of a public or private elementary, middle or secondary school. 


Education Needed to work as a School administrator

To become a school administrator, you typically need a master’s degree in education administration or education leadership. The specific requirements however, are determined at the discretion of the school division or employment authority.
Such programs will train you to lead teachers, manage budgets, set and reach educational goals for your school(s), and to work with students' families and the community. 


Skills & Competencies Needed to Become Successful 

To be successful as a school administrator, you need certain skills… but these skills don’t come overnight. While you’re working in teaching or administrative roles of lesser responsibility, try to hone the following skills, they will be crucial in a career as a school administrator:
• A deep understanding of curriculum, instruction, and assessment
• Excellence in teaching and school leadership
• Awareness of how to improve student achievement through improvement initiatives
• The ability to advocate for the school in the community 
• The ability to lead, support and motivate teachers and other staff and faculty members
• The ability to build relationships with students, parents and educators


Who Creates Jobs for School Administrators?

As a school administrator, you could potentially be employed by any of the following types of organizations and institutions:
• Public or private elementary, middle or high schools
• School boards
• Government agencies, such as the Ministry of Education
• Other government departments, such as Corrections 
• School districts

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