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Do you enjoy working with the general public? Are you interested in working in a bank environment? If so, a career as a bank teller is worth considering. Here are some quick highlights of working in this field:
• Good in-house training and company supported education prospects
• Opportunity to speak to all different kinds of people
• Plenty of room for advancement


Who is a Bank Teller?

Bank tellers, also known as bank clerks and customer service representatives, serve as the main point of contact for the customers of a bank, or other similar institutions. Their main responsibility is to handle transactions form walk-in customers. They also must accept payments, facilitate deposits, maintain current accounts and keep records of customer transactions.


Education Needed to Become a Bank Teller

The educational requirements for becoming a bank teller can vary from one job to the next. Some employers only require that you have a high school diploma, whereas other will require that you have a diploma or a degree in a field related to business administration.
Whether or not it’s a requirement, taking courses, or earning a diploma or degree in a field related to business administration can be of great value for your career. Not only can it be helpful in performing the duties of a bank teller, it can also put you ahead of other applicants when looking for jobs, and help you advance to higher-level positions


Personal Characteristics Needed to Succeed

In order to take enjoyment from working as a bank teller, and to find fulfillment within the role, you will need to have certain personal characteristics, including:
• Willingness to consistently serve customers accurately, efficiently and courteously
• Willingness to keep customer information confidential
• Enjoy working in a team environment
• Prefer having clear rules and organized methods to guide work activities
• Enjoy working with the public
• Enjoy using computers and other office equipment
• Willingness to work in an environment wherein work activities are highly scrutinized by management


Who Hires Bank Tellers? 

Bank tellers are typically are employed by financial institutions such as chartered banks, credit unions, trust companies, as well as companies that provide money transfer and cheque cashing services.

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