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If you want to become a database marketing analyst, you first need to determine if this career path is a good fit for you. If the following description sounds like you, then you’re probably well suited for a career as a database marketing analyst:
Those who become database marketing analyst are individuals with a natural interest in statistics, data analysis, marketing and information technology. In addition to these interests, they also typically have an undergraduate education, as well as the right combination of hard skills, soft skills and personality traits.
If you want to become a database marketing analyst, you must be comfortable working in front of a computer for long hours. You must also be willing to work closely with others, and have your conclusions scrutinized. You must be a diligent worker who pays close attention to details, and you should be the type of person who enjoys the opportunity to have a direct impact on the marketing operations of your employer.


Who is a Database Marketing Analyst?

Database marketing analysts are primarily responsible for delivering effective marketing analysis and business intelligence reports to the Director of Analytics, the Marketing Director, or other executive management within their organization.
These business intelligence reports are created for the purpose of identifying strategic marketing and business development opportunities. To create these reports, database marketing analysts must use data mining techniques, statistical software, and other computer programs to analyze complex data found in their internal customer database.
This data is then shared with and utilized by other teams within their organization (such as Marketing, Finance, Fulfillment, Call Center) to develop marketing strategies, with the ultimate goal of driving new revenue for their employer.


Education Needed to Become a Database Marketing Analyst

If you want to become a database marketing analyst, you typically need to bachelor’s degree in a field such as marketing, mathematics, economics, statistics or computer science.
You can also enter this profession without a degree if you have enough relevant work experience, such as a few years of experience utilizing database query and reporting tools (such as SQL, SAS) with promotional marketing, relational and transactional databases.


Skills and Traits Needed to Become a Database Marketing Analyst

In order to become an effective database marketing analyst, you will need to posses a certain set of personality traits, as well as ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills. Working in combination with each other, these traits and skills will allow you to execute your job duties with competence, and help you maintain a positive attitude towards your work.
Soft Skills and Personal Characteristics
• Self-reliance and leadership skills
• Business acumen
• Analytical skills
• The ability to pay close attention to details
• Excellent communication skills
Hard Skills and Experience
• Experience developing and presenting business conclusions based upon data analysis
• Strong computer skills and proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint
• Experience with SAS, SPSS or other statistical software
• Experience with web analytics tools such as Webtrends or Omniture SiteCatalyst
• Experience using database query and reporting tools (such as SQL, SAS) with promotional marketing, relational and transactional databases


Who Hires Database Marketing Analysts?

Database Marketing Analysts are hired on a part-time, full-time and contractual basis by a variety of small, medium and large organizations in the public and private sectors. Types of organizations that hire database marketing analysts include:
• Manufacturing and processing corporations
• Market research firms
• Marketing consulting firms
• Municipal, provincial/state and federal government agencies
• Advertising and marketing agencies
• Business associations
• Web service companies (such as web design companies)
• Non-profit organizations
• Insurance companies
• Financial institutions
• Oil, gas and mining companies
• Colleges and universities
• Retailers 

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