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Becoming a treasury manager could be a great fit for you if you are interested in financial markets, making decisions, problem solving, managing the work activities of others, and you love working with a variety of different people.
Basically, to enter this field you’ll need a combination of technical, finance and social skills, and a willingness to become closely involved in the financial happenings of an organization and its people.
It’s also important that you have an ethical approach to business activities, and you act with integrity when making business decisions.


Who is a Treasury Manager? 

As a treasury manager the responsibilities of your job can vary based on the needs and size of your organization, but your main duty would be to look after your organization's funds.
This would involve designing and executing comprehensive financial plans for your organization, raising capital, making budget forecasts, managing funds and investments, directing the treasury department, preparing financial reports for the management team, and more.
Basically, you would need to plan, manage and monitor the efficient utilization of cash and financial resources in accordance with the objectives of your organization.


Education Needed to Become a Treasury Manager

Most employers will require that you have a bachelor’s degree, and some may require a master’s degree.
You degree could be in almost any academic field, but business or finance-related degrees are most relevant. The following fields are especially useful:
• Accounting
• Business Administration
• Economics
• Finance
• Math


Skills Needed to Work as a Treasury manager

In order to perform the job of a treasury manager with competence, you’ll need a certain set of skills, including:
• Able to properly manage investments, including handling surplus cash and borrowing requirements
• Familiarity with raising capital for mergers and acquisitions, and assessing the associated risks and opportunities
• Knowledge of how external market conditions can impact an organization
• Able to develop a financial strategy and policies to support organizational objectives
• Able to identify, assess and manage financial risks.
• Confidence when communicating with key stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization
• Able to collect, analyze and translate data into easy to understand information
• Able to persuade others to support ideas or plans that could add value to the an organization


Who Employs Treasury Managers?

As a treasury manager, you could be working anywhere around the world, and for any type of organization; large multi-national corporations, not for profit organizations, and government departments.
You probably won’t find work in very small businesses and start-ups however, as they won’t have treasury as a standalone role/function. Instead, other staff will carry out specific treasury activities as part of their day-to-day responsibilities.


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