What does initials M and N of your first name say about your Life & Future?

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M is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 4, which represents spirituality, stability and solid foundations. A person with M as their first initial is an extremely loyal, hardworking and security-conscious person, with traditional values and high morals and ethics.

M’s have a great deal of self-confidence and are therefore likely to achieve success. They are generally work-oriented people who have a plan for everything they do. The M individual needs to be disciplined and have a high standard of honesty. M’s are dependable, serious-minded individuals who need to be practical about all that they do.

M’s do not want to be told what to do and can quickly become argumentative and aggressive if/when pushed beyond their patience and endurance.

M’s are cautious people who do not jump into anything impulsively. They need to think things through thoroughly, then make a judgment based upon their own value system.

Negatively, people with the letter M as their initial can be workaholics.


N is the alphabetical equivalent of the number 5, which represents imagination and freedom and fun.

An initial N person is generally active, daring, non-conventional, unpredictable and attracted by the physical senses and indulgences. The 5 energy encourages N’s to be opportunistic and pragmatic, and at times they can be very, very persuasive.

N is the natural researcher and detective and are very intellectual, imaginative, versatile and investigative individuals.

N’s are quite often unconventional and do not follow the crowd or the more accepted modes of life. N’s need freedom to express themselves in their own way. N’s do not like confinement or routine and have the need for constant change and activity in their lives, which keeps them in an ever-changing lifestyle. They are welcome to change and new experiences in their lives and need freedom of thought, action, ideas and lifestyles.

There is great flexibility for the N person and this allows them to suddenly stop something and go off in an entirely different direction. N’s ongoing change of interests keeps them curious about life and everything in it.

People with the initial N are intuitive and communicative, but negatively can be predisposed to envy and jealousy. 

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