Pick and place operator programs and operates the automated Pick and Place machine for assembling of components on PCB. 

The individual in the job programs and operates the automated Pick and Place machine for fixing the component in PCB. He / she is responsible for assembling component and maintaining the pick and place machine.

Applicable National Occupational  Standards (NOS)

  1. Operate pick and place machine
  2. Coordinate with others

Operate pick and place machine :This OS unit is about assembling the components in the printed circuit boards for soldering using the pick and place machine.

This unit/ task covers the following: Collecting the desired components from stores as per design chart, Programming the pick and place machine, Operating the pick and place machine, Assembling the components on the printed circuit boards, Checking visually the PCB at various stages of processing, Maintaining the pick and place machine, Following the standard safety procedures

Coordinate with others: This OS unit is about communicating with colleagues and seniors in order to maintain smooth work flow

This unit/ task covers the following: Interacting with supervisor to understand the requirements and work accordingly, Coordinating with colleagues within and outside the department to carry out the work, Receiving feedback on the work done, Communicating any potential hazards or expected process disruption.

Knowlegde and Understanding

A.         Organizational Context  B.         Technical Knowledge


Core Skills/Generic Skills, Basic reading skills and writing skills, Teamwork and some multitasking

Professional Skills : Reading design, Operational Skills, Using tools and machines, Reflective thinking, Critical thinking

The following acronyms/codes have been used in the nomenclature above: Passive Components

Sub Sector

Range of Occupation Numbers

Passive Components

01 - 10


11 - 20

PCB Manufacturing

21 - 30

Consumer Electronics

31 - 40

IT Hardware

41 - 50

PCB Assembly

51 - 55

Solar Electronics

56 - 60

Strategic Electronics

61 - 65

Automotive Electronics

66 - 70

Industrial Electronics

71 - 75

Medical Electronics

76 - 80

Communication Electronics

81 - 85

PCB Design

86 - 90


91 - 95


Tools and Equipments : Pick and Place system, Sample PCB boards, Sample components, Solder paste and Flux, Calipers, microscope, screwdrivers, pliers, cutters, stencils, feeders, supporting pins, and other SMT tools





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