7 Ways to Improve Your Search Rank With Social Media

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7 Ways to Improve Your Search Rank With Social Media

1. Cut Down on Word Count

While the “ideal” length of copy varies from platform to platform, Neil Patel at Quick Sprout found that generally speaking, less is more when it comes to your social media copy. In fact, his research shows the click-through rate on paragraph-long Facebook copy is 2-6 times lower than updates that are approximately 40 characters long.

Rather than using extended copy in your social media posts, opt for a lower word count.Use all of the words you need, and not one more.

2. Tell People What You Want Them to Do

Sometimes, all your audience needs is a simple request so they know how to better interact with your content.

A quick search of the most clickable words on social media prove that most lists have one thing in common: they’re full of call-to-action phrases. Use words and phrases like “check out,” “see,” “retweet,” “like,” and “follow to get people to engage with your social media content.

Don’t leave clicks, conversions, or shares to chance. Use a clear, concise directive when you want viewers to do something.

3. Give People a Reason to Click Through

It’s  youtility principle number one: If you want to connect with your audience, don’t sell to people; help them.

Make sure the content you share on social media answers a problem or pain point that’s common to your customers and prospects. Use the copy in your social media posts to refer to both the problem and the solution, and people will happily click through to your website!

4. Optimize Profiles for Keyword Searches

First, identify your foundational SEO keywords and then include them in the headlines, summaries, links, and bios of each of your social media profiles. You can also use those keywords in the captions of relevant images you post.

People searching Facebook or another network might happen across your company because of the foundation-level keywords built into your page. From there, they can be drawn into the funnel of your inbound strategy.

Just take a look at the top two results when you search for “digital marketing” on Twitter:

From the bios alone, it’s obvious that Jay Baer and his team have been very intentional about weaving the “digital marketing” keyword into these two profiles, and it has paid off in their Twitter search rankings.

5. Optimize Your Copy With Keywords

From a single hashtagged post, a follower might find your profile, more of your similar content, and click through directly to your website. Use carefully selected keywords in your posts, links, and hashtags to help elevate your rank in social search results and add to the visibility of your brand.

6. Use Keywords to Drive Content Creation

To boost your visibility on search engines across the board, make creating social media content designed to rank for specific keywords part of your marketing strategy.

For example, check out how these chefs have created YouTube content to show up in search engine results for a query related to their expertise.

7. Publish Social Posts Worthy of Backlinks

Social media posts can end up in all sorts of places beyond traditional social networks. They’re being used in blog posts and articles, ebooks, and SlideShare presentations.

If you create social media content other people want to reference, you’ll gain backlinks to your social media profiles and website, effectively increasing your authority with search engines.

This article from Greatist, "55 Must -Follow Twitter Accounts Guaranteed to make your Day" is the perfect example.


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