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Companies are focusing to attract and recruit qualified applicants but many a time, they fail to get so. It is really tough to find a qualified and skilled employee based on the needs of the employer. National Skill India Mission is all set to provide a career oriented Labor Information Platform that has been created to find appropriate applicants for employers. Nsim Career development platform assist you create your professional career path.


Nsim offers the following services to jobseekers and recruiters:

Our Sevice to Employers: It is not new that companies identify the challenge of recruiting qualified skilled workers. You cannot find individuals with the knowledge and skills they need and are constantly faced with turnover and lost productivity. You may find candidates who are qualified formally but may not be satisfied with their work as the candidates may not possess the actual skill that the company was in want of a particular job role. In such case, we act as a succor to find right and skilled candidates for your industry needs. National Skill India Mission has developed a one-stop, how-to guide on developing and recruiting a skilled workforce to fill thousands of vacancies that are open in industry for want of skilled persons.

Our Assistance to Job Seekers: There are many unemployed graduates in our country today. It is because their qualifications and skills do not match job market needs. A mere 20% of today’s workforce has the skills needed for 60% of the jobs that will be arising within the next five to ten years. So it is not important whether you are graduated or not but it is time to upgrade your skills to suit for a particular job that you apply for. To solve the imbalance, all you need is to assess your skills based on your job role and get skill approved. If you choose to, we will assess your skills. And if skill gap arises, we’ll provide you with the gap filling training opportunity to acquire more contemporary, relevant skills and continue your career journey. We will act as an aid to get you fit into appropriate jobs. We will also send your Skill Assessment Record to various HR and industrial heads for better placement opportunities.


We brings a Labor Marketing Information System that mainly focuses on creating a traffic between skilled manpower and the employers who want to hire them. Here we enlist the exclusive features of our service.

  • Skill assessment is done on the basis of manifold criteria. A candidate’s skill thus assessed clearly explains whether the applicant is fit for a particular job role.
  • Skill Assessment will be done under the guidance and supervision of expert faculties.
  • Skill assessment will be tabulated  in a score sheet and the candidate will get his/her nsim score.
  • If we find their score below average in skill assessment tests, skill gap training will be given by expert academicians and make them competent again.
  • We provide a Skill Assessment Record featuring all the assessment score sheets of candidate's skill evaluation. Candidates can showcase the skill profile when they apply for a job or attending an interview.
  • Skill Assessment Record can act as a catalyst for career advancement and boosts their confidence level.
  • The Skill Certificate and Mobility Card we provide helps them greatly to attain their dream career.
  • We will send candidate's Skill Assessment Record to various HR and industrial heads for better placement opportunities.

The Career Development platform is equally beneficial to employers as they are getting competent and qualified applicants through our assesment programme. 

Candidates and employers who aspire to utilize this golden opportunity can furnish their details to http://nationalskillindiamission.in/member/registration/14/



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