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Are you an existing seller in any of the e-commerce platforms/webstores? May be you are selling your products via different platforms such as facebook, webstores, apps, instagram or running your own stores through any other existing platforms. If you are a seller, then ask these question to your own...

Do you get sufficient lead for your products?

Do you get sufficient lead to your customer?

Is your delivery mechanism is perfect?

Can you give sufficient impact to the solution for your customer needs?

If your answer is yes, then you are a marvelous entrepreneur. We appreciate your efforts. Keep doing…

If the answer is no, then there is no more doubts that you have certain skill gap to become a seller, In other words you need adequate training to fill the required skill gap. Here comes the role of National Skill India Mission. We are here with a solution for this crisis. Nsim is providing expertise training on the topic "skill gap filling training on webstores" to fabricate a complete seller in e-commerce platform. 

The Skill gap filling training is incorporate with the following 3 level topics:

  • Knowledge Level training

  • Soft Skill Training

  • Hardskill training

If you want to sustain in an e-commerce platform, you must reduce your skill gap.

We National Skill India Mission (Nsim), a branch of  BHARAT SEVAK SAMAJ, the National Development Agency  , established in 1952 ,by planning commission ,  Government of India , have training centers  all over India. We are at the onset of a new "Skill gap filling training on webstores" – this is a project aimed to provide practical exposure for the society about how to use the online platforms for online marketing, to make leads/reaches for the products, to know your customers, to know your products, to know your strengths and other services , so as  to develop the skills of e-commerce sellers for better standards for the best to the world…


For more details and Registration please feel free to contact – KALA NAIR (PRO) ,TEL- 04714014800

To Register : Click here


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