Are You Interested in Working in Entertainment?

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If you are interested in working in the entertainment field you will need to possess a great deal of perseverance and be internally driven to succeed and compete with others equally driven to make it in the field. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are also required in addition to creativity and a professional network to help open doors and land an interview.


Skills You Need for the Entertainment Industry

One big misnomer in the entertainment biz is that to work in the field, you need to have some sort of formalized training. Although there is some truth to that for certain positions (e.g., camera operator, editor, director, etc.), the good news is that the majority of people who work in entertainment have backgrounds and educations that have little if any relation to the industry. Most of your experience will be gained while working on the job. But there are still a number of generalized skills that you should be developing now that you will find will come in handy and help make your entry into the  Hollywood realm as successful as possible. Valuable Skills to Develop Even if you never take a formal entertainment class, more than likely there are a number of classes you are currently taking where you should pay special attention. Here are some valuable skills you should be developing:
• Business & Math: Money makes the world go ‘round and Hollywood is no exception. People that master their financial accounting skills become extremely valuable commodities in the entertainment field. Those individuals that can effectively manage the budgets of all of the various television shows, digital productions and movies are like human bars of gold to most major entertainment companies.
• Technology: There is no disputing that technology plays a huge part in the entertainment industry. From camera and editing equipment to lights, special effects, computers, and much more, without technology, many of the films we’ve enjoyed would never have come to be. By honing your skills in this subject you will automatically find yourself becoming an extremely valuable member of any production set.
• Art & Graphics: From movie posters to set designs, there are a huge number of opportunities that utilize those people that have artistic ability. From architects to painters, there is a growing need for skilled artisans who can bring their talents a production set.
• Fashion: If you studied fashion for years but quickly decided the fashion industry isn’t for you, then you might consider applying your skills to the entertainment industry. Wardrobe and cosmetic design are always in huge demand in Hollywood and those who have a flair for this particular field are held in high regard and are often paid accordingly.
• Writing: Any writing skills you might have the chance to develop will become extremely valuable no matter which career path you choose. Obviously working as a television writer or screenwriter can be quite lucrative, just knowing how to communicate effectively through the written word will help jumpstart your career.
• School of Life: Also, don’t forget the value of life experience. For most creative positions such as a writer or director, being able to call upon certain moments in your history will also prove quite valuable. Some of the best moments in entertainment have come through the memories of their creators.
Your education is preparing you better than you think for most entertainment related positions. Either way, don’t feel discouraged if you’re taking classes that don’t directly relate to the field. You will find that your education will serve you well no matter what area you focus on.

Experience Needed for Working in the Entertainment Industry

Gaining exposure in the field of film and television requires gaining the necessary experience either in college or by doing internships.
These experiences often require doing a lot of the grunt work but also offers student’s insight, knowledge, and skills as well as developing professional contacts that are crucial in the field of entertainment. Working for your college newspaper, radio or television station, or in college theater productions will provide you with a good start in gaining the necessary experience to get hired. Summer internships will give you additional experience to include on your resume.

Challenges of Working in the Entertainment Industry

If you are interested in pursuing a career in entertainment, you must be willing to accept criticism and rejection along the way. Competition is fierce in this field and only those who thrive under this type of pressure survive. Although you will experience a great high when you find yourself landing a job, unlike most jobs, the majority of jobs in the entertainment field are temporary and success in the field requires being able to take the highs with the lows.

Top Sites for Entertainment Jobs & Internships

The entertainment field is full of opportunities for individuals looking to break into the industry. Since it is such a competitive field, developing a strong network of contacts within the field can be extremely helpful.
Gaining relevant experience is also required since most employers in the field will ask for a portfolio of previous work.

Entry-level Positions in Entertainment

Production Assistant, Assistant Editor, Film Journalist, Screenwriters, Advertising Copywriter, News Reporter, News Writer.

Careers in Television, Film, and Broadcasting

News reporter, news writer, screenwriter, public relations and promotions director, costume designer, production assistant, make-up artist, set designer, animator, actor, crew member, special effects, editor, critic, director, composer, and photographer/camera operator. In addition, a large range of sports related careers are included in this category, such as: sports agent, sports marketing, sports media relations, and sports publicity.

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Are You Interested in Working in Entertainment?

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