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A career as a project analyst could be a great fit for you if you have an interest in data analysis, information technology, and project management, and you like the idea of your work involving aspects of each.This field can offer a chance to work independently but as part of a team, a consistent work schedule, excellent pay, and plenty of room for career advancement.



A project analyst is someone who provides support to the Project Manager in planning, managing and monitoring projects from concept stage through to completion; they analyze, review and document the requirements of a project throughout its lifecycle.
Serving as a liaison for the project's technical and operations teams, they must help the entire project team complete the project within its planned scope, schedule and budget



Computer skills, data analysis skills, and business skills are all needed for a career as a project analyst. For this reason, many employers prefer to hire candidates for project analyst jobs that have earned a bachelor’s degree* in a field such as:
• Business information systems
• Computer Science
• Industrial engineering
• Information science
• Management
• Management science
• Mathematics
• Operations researcher
 Some employers may accept a diploma in one of these areas, some a bachelor’s degree, while others will require a master’s degree.



In order to do the job of a project analyst effectively, you’ll need to have a mixed bag of computer, data, and project management skills:

Computer Skills

• Competence with SAP
• Competence with databases and various project scheduling software
• Competence with Microsoft Office Products, such as Excel, Visio & Project
Data Analysis Skills
• Working knowledge of systems analysis and design techniques
• Strong numerical and analytical skills and understanding of cost control systems
• Able to evaluate impacts for identified issues and risks
• Able to keep up with new technologies as they are introduced to the workplace
• Able to analyze department or program specific data, such as budget/cost estimates, contract specifications, flow charts, labor hour estimates, and/or field operating funds
Project Management Skills
• Working knowledge of setting up a project and to facilitate simple project closeout
• Ability to facilitate sessions and keep conversations on track
• An understanding of cross-functional team structure and processes
• Ability to work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders, manage conflict and decision making processes to optimize outcomes



Project analysts are hired on a part-time, full-time or contractual basis by large and small organizations, with relatively few being self-employed. Most project analysts however, are hired as full-time employees by large organizations.
Jobs for project analysts tend to be in large urban areas, as that is where many companies and public organizations have their head offices. Types of organizations that employ Project Analysts include:
• Banks and other financial institutions
• Construction companies
• Utility companies
• Oil, gas and mining companies
• Hospitals and health care organizations
• Colleges and universities
• Federal, provincial/state and municipal government departments
• Transportation and logistics companies
• Telecommunications companies
• Insurance and finance companies
• IT and management consulting companies
• Manufacturing and distribution companies
• Pharmaceutical companies


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