Abrahaminte Santhathikal review

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It’s pretty clear early on in director Shaji Padoor’s Abrahaminte Santhathikal that this one is a celebration of the hero. In all fairness, that has been done pretty delightfully here.
The story begins with a serial killer creating havoc, as a few are being brutally murdered during rainy nights. The cops find some numbers on the walls scribbled in blood and when the investigating officers fail to unveil the mystery behind it all, the Superintendent of Police seeks the help of his trusted lieutenant, the brilliant Derick Abraham IPS (Mammootty).

The hero comes in style, speaks only punch lines and mostly walk in slow motion. But more importantly, he succeeds in nabbing the culprit.
Soon after, the story takes an entirely different turn as it becomes an issue between Derick and his younger brother Philip (Anson Paul), who is now in jail.
The relevance of the initial murder mystery to the rest of the happenings is not entirely convincing.
In fact, there are quite a few loose ends and if you are the kind who thinks about logic or look for some valid explanations in a suspense drama, there would be many unanswered questions even when the end titles start rolling.
But writer Haneef Adeni, who incidentally directed the hit Mammootty flick The Great Father last year, and director Shaji Padoor packs this one without giving enough time to think about it all as the action goes on.
This one is a full-fledged Mammotty show and boy, he looks dazzling. There are emotional scenes that he has made really special and let’s say, the hero performs his role with total dedication
Anson Paul is mostly fine, except perhaps when he has to be sentimental. Tarushi, who plays his romantic pair, looks beautiful, while Kaniha has nothing much to do. Yog Japee and Sidhique are wasted in inconsequential roles.
Abrahaminte Santhathikal has been made as the kind of film that should be enjoyed with a tub of popcorn, without pondering too much about logic. And for all those who love to see Mammootty in action, the superstar provides nothing less than a treat. Enjoy this ride!


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