Inviting Express Of Interest From Institutions To Become Franchise of BSS

Grab the exciting business opportunity with a leading institution in skill empowerment and education…Hurry up!!!

Tie up with Bharath Sevak Samaj (BSS), offering short-term Course enabling students to attain and adopt world class curriculum based job-oriented training. Bharat Sevak Samaj, offers exciting opportunity to open new franchises in major cities of India to run various categoried courses

We are inviting Express Of Interest for the running of following categorised courses.

• Allied Health education

 Agriculture Education

 Automobile Education

• Child Education

• Electrical & Electronics Education

• Communicative & Soft Skill Education

• Dairy Education

• Fisheries Education

• Home Business Education

• Home Maintenance Education

• Interior & Exterior Education

• Office Management Education

• Poultry Education

 Veterinary Education

• Civil & Architechtural Education

We need dedicated institutions to run our course in major cities of India. Institutions must have certain requirements to successfully run the above courses.

To Become a Franchise of BSS and for more details Click Here --> Register Now

For Student Registration click here --> Register Now

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Tie up with Bharath Sevak Samaj (super mario bros), offering short-term Course enabling students to attain and adopt world class curriculum based job-oriented training. Bharat Sevak Samaj, offers exciting opportunity to open new franchises in major cities of India to run various categoried courses

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