Inviting Skill Development Training and Placement centres all over India to affiliate with BSS and Be the Approved centres of Bharat Sevak Samaj

Getting admission in a reputed educational institution is unquestionably quite a challenging task for the students, but there’s another serious challenge waiting for them once they complete their higher studies, which is that of the job hunt. The job hunting process is indeed a cumbersome one, although there are manifold opportunities lying across the country. To stand strong in the industry, students are required to step out of their ruts and take on an arduous professional endeavor that makes them successful in their job hunt. The right mix of academic excellence, soft skills, and hard skills, and hands-on learning experience earned during their educational phase gives the students a robust foundation to embark on their professional journey.

The fact is that today employers expect a lot more than academic excellence in students. That is why it becomes crucial for students to not to miss out any learning and growth opportunity provided at the educational institution to enhance their skills and aptitude matrix – not just the academic and educational skills but the professional capability and employability skills.

In order to bridge the industry academia gap – BSS and Singhania Universitys’ Training, Placement and academic collaboration has developed a unique model to integrate vocational and skill based trainings into the academic cycle of the University.

For expanding our new venture, we need trustworthy and liable training resourses inorder to uplift the students as a skilled youth. We invite skill training centres all over India affiliate to BSS to train the students of   B.Voc Courses of different universities, inorder to provide instructions, research, training, placement etc. in such manner for effective dissemination of placement-oriented education to the students.


BSS – University Collaboration : “A Perfect amalgamation of Academy and Industry”


Bharat sevak samaj, the national development agency established by planning Commission, Government of India is actively involved in the field of Vocational/skill Training/Life long learning programmes and has its roots throughout the nation and abroad.  Realising the impact of BSS programmes in the employment generation sector, Leading universities lend a hand to partner in the vocational training/ skill training/Life Long Learning programmes of Bharat sevak samaj. And their joint collaboration led to another mile stone in skilling, that the Singhania University considers the diploma of Bharat Sevak samaj as the lateral entry point for obtaining its Bachelor of vocational education (Bvoc) degree. And also Bharat Sevak Samaj became the authorized Training and Placement Collaborator of Different Universities, pan across India and is also authorized to develop industrial tie ups for the purpose of on Job Training/Placement of the students attending Singhania University Educational Programme.





To empower the youth population by giving special focus on skilling.




To bridge industry-academia gap.


Our Objectives


  • Promote quality placement-oriented education by sharing resources to create effective learning support system for the knowledge of communities spread in the rural and urban areas of the country to disseminate academic, vocational and skill-oriented programmes with emphasis on hands on training to generate self-employment opportunities and/or to provide trained workforce to the industry.


Eligibility Criteria of B.Voc Lateral Entry Students


yes For Students with (+2) & 2 year BSS Course

enlightenedAdmission is eligible to the 3rd year (5th Semester) of the B Voc Course

yes For students with (+2) & One year BSS Course

enlightened Admission is eligible to the 2nd year (3rd Semester) of the B Voc Course

yesFor students with SSLC & 2 years BSS Course

enlightenedAdmission is eligible to the 2nd year (3rd Semester) of the B Voc Course




Eligibility Criteria of Skill Development Training and Placement Centres




yesClass room furniture & other furniture should be sufficient according to the strength of students, good looking and standard.

yes Separate Toilets for male and female

yesDrinking water facility

yesLCD projector with screen

yesAvailability of Principal’s room

yesNeat flooring

yesRoof – Concrete. If metal/asbestos sheet, ceiling should be provided

yesFans/ Air Conditioners should be provided in the class room and Lab.

yesFirst Aid Box

yesTie up for On Job Training & Placement.( If so far it is not done, get a declaration from the Centre Director, that it will be done soon.)

yesThe overall appearance should give a favourable atmosphere for education


Course based


yesClass rooms – One classroom per batch. If not Air conditioned, it should be well ventilated. (number of students should be allotted/admitted according to the area of classroom).

yesMinimum one Lab. If not Air conditioned, it should be well ventilated. (number of students should be allotted/admitted according to the area of the Lab).

yesAvailability of Equipments and Tools to perform the exercises as per the syllabus

yesBlackboard/White Board etc. enough to meet the requirement.




yesOne Teacher per Batch. Minimum two teachers per course. If there are three batches for one course (1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year), there should be three teachers.

yesTeachers should be post graduate in the relevant subject.

yesSufficient Reference books in the Library.

yesOne Lab Assistant (not mandatory)


For getting Affiliation as our skill development training and placement centre, register here


FOR MORE DETAILS :  0471 4014800, 0471-2721600, 0471-2721400

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The BSS Diploma course, an ??initiative promoted by the Government of India. ?????This BSS Diploma course has been started by a national development agency by the ... This is a step taken to enable individuals to contribute in the shape of a ... The constitution and the operation of the BSS are approved ???? by the Indian Parliament. by buyfollowersuk

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