Hurry up ! Nsim is Hiring 1500 District Coordinators and Area Coordinators all over India......

National Skill India Mission, a subsidiary of Bharath Sevak Samaj, established in 1952 by Indian Parliament is a National Development Agency promoted by the Planning Commission, Govt. of India to ensure public Co-operation for implementing government plans.

We are looking for District Coordinators and Area Coordinators  to tie up with National skill India mission inorder to expand our institutional service. Your role includes wide range of responsibilities like admissions of students, evaluation of performance of students, planning and budgeting with special reference to the developmental activities, national and international collaboration, project management, resource mobilization, initiation of new academic activities, faculty recruitment, etc.




The District cordinator is responsible for coordinating, consolidating, and ensuring smooth implementation of program and operations’ activities and adherence to Assessment Centre, Skill Gap Training Centre, human resource, administration and security procedures. District Coordinators will be Responsible for all the activities connected with affiliation , accreditation and certification of centres .At the regional/district level, the District Coordinator represents National Skill India Mission/ BSS to relevant stakeholders. Typically, the District coordinator reports to the Head of Mission




Organize programmes on the behalf of National Skill India Mission.




Depending on the context and mission needs, the District Coordinator develops and implements the district strategy integrating Assessment Centres, Skill Gap Training Centre, Insituitions, Field Cordinators and Nsim / BSS programs in collaboration with the respective program managers and technical coordinator(s). The District Coordinator provides general support, guidance, and serves as focal point during program planning, grant writing, and reporting.




The District Coordinator oversees opening, closing and/or regular running of one or more bases including management of all or part of support staff, program support activities, administration, and security of the base as well as coordination with program staff on the base level. The District Coordinator ensures that Nsim procedures and regulations applicable to projects implemented in the region with regards to program, logistics, security, HR, and administration are closely followed.




The District Coordinator represents the organization at the district level including general meetings with Assessment Centers,Skill Gap training Centers , Educational institutions, local authorities, protocol meetings, security meetings, as well as sector program meetings when requested by the mission coordination. The District Coordinator represents/ manages the visit of Feild coordinatores / HQ visitors / other stakeholders whenever requested.




Communication Skills: You will need to be able to express your needs clearly to other coordinators, as well as negotiate with vendors, and sometimes clients. On any day, you could be talking to top management, or lower-level staff. Good verbal and written communication skills will be ideal for a coordinator.


Attention to Detail: The devil is in the details. A qualified coordinator will need to be able to analyze complex plans, and be able to identify mistakes and inefficiencies.


Critical Thinking Skills: You must be able to think quickly, often solving problems as they arise. Being able to think critically about these situations will help you a great deal.


Organizational Skills: You will need to do many things at once, keep track of your time, keep to a budget and keep tabs on multiple projects.




Since the revenue of district coordinators are based on the fullfillment of their desired target/projects, the income levels of district coordinators are high too. At entry level one can expect an annual income package of Rs 12 to 19 lakh based on their performance.


If you are interested to tie up with our team mail us your resume to

Interested applicants can register here --> Register Now

To know more about it, Don't hesitate to contact us on 0471-4014700 , 0471-4014800

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