BSS Certified Jewellery Professional Course: Eligibility, Criteria, Scope, Benefits , Job Opportunities , Requirements

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Jewellery designing is a creative art that combines knowledge of conceptualizing jewellery design and then manufacturing various jewellery products. Many institutes in India offer long-term, short-term and even distance learning programs in jewellery designing. The study in this field teaches you basic skills like stone cutting, engraving and polishing and testing the quality of precious metals and gems. Special skills like electroplating, metal colouring, anodizing, enamelling and stone setting are also taught to students of jewellery designing.


Eligibility Criteria for BSS Certified Jewellery Professional Course

  • The applicant must be completed Tenth standard or Twelfth or its equivalent from a recognized school board.


Course Duration

  • Three Months


Course syllabus


Subject Code



GJS005 - 01



GJS005 - 02



GJS005 - 03



GJS005 - 04




Duties and Responsibilities

  • Hold consultations with commissioning clients

  • Discuss a client's range of options and formulate original ideas

  • Sketch out ideas, sometimes using computer-aided design (CAD), to help the client visualise the finished design.

  • Making the framework for the piece of jewellery. This involves handling, forming and drilling metal, and opening out holes in which to place the selected gems

  • Making an object or decorative detail using a mould

  • Stamping and presswork

  • Making a raised pattern on the surface of the metal

  • Soldering and fabrication

  • Polishing to ensuring the finish of the piece.

  • Making adjustments to the mount to ensure the stones fit perfectly. This can involve very intricate work, such as removing tiny fractions of metal

  • Electro-plating to layering a precious metal onto a base metal

  • Enamelling (fusing powdered glass to metal in a kiln to create coloured patterns and pictures)

  • Welding and joining pieces of metal using traditional methods or by laser

  • Carving lettering or patterns into precious metals by hand or by computer-aided manufacture (CAM).



  • Creative and artistic ability.

  • Good hand-to-eye coordination.

  • Practical skills for using tools and materials.

  • Accuracy and attention to detail.

  • The ability to negotiate with buyers and suppliers.

  • Business skills, if self-employed.


Higher Studies after BSS Certified Jewellery Professional Course

  • Students who have completed three months of BSS Certified Jewellery Professional Course after Tenth or Twelfth are eligible to get admission to the related Under Graduation courses or its equivalent.


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