BSS Diploma in Anganwadi Worker: Eligibility, Criteria, Scope, Benefits , Job Opportunities , Requirements

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Anganwadi is a type of rural child care center in India. They were started by the Indian government in 1975 as part of the Integrated Child Development Services program to combat child hunger and malnutrition. A typical Anganwadi center provides basic health care in a village. It is a part of the Indian public health care system. Basic health care activities include contraceptive counseling and supply, nutrition education and supplementation, as well as pre-school activities. The centers may be used as depots for oral rehydration salts, basic medicines, and contraceptives and also provides supplementary nutrition, non-formal pre-school education, nutrition, and health education, immunization, health check-up and referral services of which the last three are provided in convergence with public health systems. An Anganwadi worker is a person who works in an Anganwadi center.


Eligibility Criteria for BSS Diploma in Anganwadi Worker

  • The applicant must be completed Tenth standard or Twelfth or its equivalent from a recognized school board.


Course Duration

  • One Year


Course syllabus


Subject Code




























Duties and Responsibilities

  • To elicit community support and participation in running the program.

  • To weigh each child every month, record the weight graphically on the growth card, use referral cards for referring cases of mothers/children to the sub-centers/PHC, etc., and maintain child cards for children below 6 years and produce these cards before visiting medical and para-medical personnel.

  • To carry out a quick survey of all the families, especially mothers and children in those families in their respective areas of work once in a year.

  • To organize non-formal pre-school activities in the Anganwadi of children in the age group 3-6 years of age and to help in designing and making of toys and play equipment of indigenous origin for use in Anganwadi.

  • To organize supplementary nutrition feeding for children (0-6 years) and expectant and nursing mothers by planning the menu based on locally available food and local recipes.

  • To provide health and nutrition education and counselling on breastfeeding/ Infant & young feeding practices to mothers.

  • Anganwadi Workers, being close to the local community, can motivate married women to adopt family planning/birth control measures

  • Anganwadi Workers shall share the information relating to births that took place during the month with the Panchayat Secretary/Gram Sabha Sewak/ANM whoever has been notified as Registrar/Sub Registrar of Births & Deaths in her village.

  • To make home visits for educating parents to enable mothers to plan an effective role in the child's growth and development with special emphasis on new-born child.

  • To maintain files and records as prescribed.

  • To assist the PHC staff in the implementation of health components of the programme viz. immunization, health check-up, antenatal and post-natal check etc.

  • To assist ANM in the administration of IFA and Vitamin A by keeping stock of the two medicines in the Centre without maintaining stock register as it would add to her administrative work which would affect her main functions under the Scheme.

  • To share information collected under ICDS Scheme with the ANM. However, ANM will not solely rely upon the information obtained from the records of Anganwadi Worker.

  • To bring to the notice of the Supervisors/ CDPO any development in the village which requires their attention and intervention, particularly in regard to the work of the coordinating arrangements with different departments.

  • To maintain liaison with other institutions (Mahila Mandals) and involve lady school teachers and girls of the primary/middle schools in the village which have relevance to her functions.

  • To guide Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) engaged under National Rural Health Mission in the delivery of health care services and maintenance of records under the ICDS Scheme.

  • To assist in implementation of Kishori Shakti Yojana (KSY) and motivate and educate the adolescent girls and their parents and community in general by organzing social awareness programmes/ campaigns etc.

  • Anganwadi Worker would also assist in implementation of Nutrition Programme for Adolescent Girls (NPAG) as per the guidelines of the Scheme and maintain such record as prescribed under the NPAG.

  • Anganwadi Worker can function as depot holder for RCH Kit/ contraceptives and disposable delivery kits. However, actual distribution of delivery kits or administration of drugs, other than OTC (Over the Counter) drugs would actually be carried out by the ANM or ASHA as decided by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

  • To identify the disability among children during her home visits and refer the case immediately to the nearest PHC or District Disability Rehabilitation Centre.

  • To support in organizing Pulse Polio Immunization (PPI) drives.

  • To inform the ANM in case of emergency cases like diahorrea, cholera etc



  • Good communication.

  • Accuracy and attention.

  • Patience

  • Able to work in group and as individual

  • Effective relationship and communication with locals.

  • Social working mentality


Higher Studies after BSS Diploma in Anganwadi Worker

  • Students who have completed one year of BSS Diploma in Anganwadi Worker Course after Tenth or Twelfth are eligible to get admission to the related Under Graduation courses or its equivalent.


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