Hyderabad : Rajiv Pratap Rudy will inaugurate Telangana Jagruthi Skill Development programme. Telangana Jagruthi is an NGO which is running in the state for the past 10 years which has taken up skill development initiative in a big way

Hyderabad, September 1st Union Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (independent charge) Rajiv Pratap Rudy will inaugurate Telangana Jagruthi Skill Development programme here tomorrow.

"Telangana Jagruthi is an NGO which is running in the state for the past 10 years. We have taken up skill development initiative in a big way. In all parliamentary constituencies (of the state) we have started skill development centres," Nizamabad TRS MP Kalwakuntla Kavitha, who founded Telangana Jagruthi told reporters here.

Kalvakuntla Kavitha- aunched Telangana Jagruthi Skill development programme centre in Warangal

The programme will be attended by dignitaries including Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Governor ESL Narasimhan, Union Minister Bandaru Dattatraya, Telangana IT Minister Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao, among others, she said.

"The idea is to bring as many youth into the employable sector as possible. My NGO is constantly working in this regard and will continue to do so," Kavitha added.

On Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh leading an all-party delegation to Jammu and Kashmir to hold talks with different sections in the state, the TRS MP said, "I truly welcome this move. We should really go and talk to the people not only to certain representatives but also try to talk to as many peoples organisations as much. I believe this will be the only solution for Kashmir problem."

"Certainly all parties should be taken into consideration and (they will be) able to bring some solution," Kavitha added. 

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