Nsim Skill Assessment Book

Companies in India and Abroad are increasingly investing in the hiring process. Greater importance is now being given to pre-assessment tests to shortlist and select candidates who would best fit a company. Moreover ,this makes the hiring process more effective ,as a greater degree of objectivity is involved. Nsim , the skill assessment platform , has been offering standardised and customised tests to ensure a company finds the right hire. "A bad hire can cost a company one year of CTC. Beyond this , there is the loss in terms of time , money invested in training a candidate , and the lost opportunity to get the right candidate .There is notional loss as well ,where a company's reputation is affected. Nsim assessment tests can minimise these risks .


A candidate is tested on minimum 100 skilltests which are broadly categorised as National Occupational Standards , Knowledge / understanding /application level cognitive  assessment  and Behavioural assessment including cmmunication /presentation skills .

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