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Why choose AIL Programme



SAIl is a work space where young minds can give shape to their ideas through hands on do-it-yourself mode; and learn innovation skills. Young children will get a chance to work with tools and equipment to understand the concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). SAIL  will Introduce entrepreneurship training into the formal education curriculum in an integrated approach.

SAIL gives entrepreneurship and employable skill training to the studens from class 6 onwards .

There will be 10 levels for each job training.

Each year the students gets training in one level .

The students complets his/her 10th level along with  their graduation.

By the time someone has completed eight years of school, they should be able to put together a basic profit and loss statement, and a basic balance sheet. They should also be able to read financial statements. This is really, really simple, and not much more complicated than reading football scores!

Our programs are designed to give them unique, individual experiences, let them learn in a fun, interactive manner, and above all, give each and every one of our students our personal attention and assure their safety. SAIL helps the student to be independent and self- regulated in learning as well as acquiring skills and new knowledge , through the activities designed for the job training. Besides this , students are also expected to develop an inquisitive mind and crave for knowledge through presentations lessons of SAIL. How do we achieve these goals?




We offer our students a rich program packed with exciting activities and workshops, while giving them the freedom to choose among them and suggest new job roles, based on their own interests (the classes are mandatory). students will be expected to master the core skills as well as the soft skills , through a series of continuous and comprehensive assessment tests , remedial lessons and monitoring systems.Through SAIL class , students will collaborate, communicate, think, experiment and reflect throughout the day.The skills developed through SAIL includes the ability to think critically , innovatively and analytically. This allows us to tailor the program to our students’ interests and treat them like young entrepreneur.




We emphasize active, experiential education. In addition to some classroom time, our students learn in real life settings. We offer individual tutoring and small group workshops. SAIL Centers would contain educational and learning ‘do it yourself’ kits and equipment on – science, electronics, robotics, open source microcontroller boards, sensors and 3D printers and computers and much more... Other desirable facilities include meeting rooms and video conferencing facility.

In order to foster inventiveness among students, SAIL can conduct different activities ranging from regional and national level competitions, exhibitions, workshops on problem solving, designing and fabrication of products, lecture series etc. at periodic intervals.




Our fees are all-inclusive and very competitive. They cover all classes, workshops, study materials, tool kits, exhibitions, industrial visits and national level competitions. There are no surprises or hidden fees. Early applicants are eligible for Fee discounts.




SAIL would go as far as to say that anyone who goes to a university must also have mandatory entrepreneurship training, irrespective of what they study. The student will be trained to pitch his entrepreneurship  in  different formats to raise funds. Raising funds for startups is one of the main skill developed through SAIL. This is because we have to change the scenario of  university graduates that are also unemployed, who could easily create jobs for themselves and others.

Together we can help our vast army of entrepreneurs in INDIA become skills-based "enterprise builders."

SAIL strongly believe that if India focuses on fostering and developing entrepreneurship, there will be a remarkable uplift in job creation.




Skill Acquisition and Integrated Learning [SAIL] , which is a 600 hour long training programme based on job related training. Through this programme the student can select a job as the medium to develop the soft skills.With a vision to ‘Cultivate one Million children in India as entrepreneurs’, SAIL is  establishing a campaign titled as ' Be an Entrepreneur ' in schools across India. The objective of this scheme is to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds; and inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc. Our talented, inspirational instructors bring high school education to college-level standards and our courses are designed by professional curriculum developers.


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Why choose SAIL Programme

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