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Hair Designing

This is a complete Hair Designing Program which covers all aspects of Hair Services both Advance & Chemical Treatments. A detailed course with adequate hand on practice, qualifies you to work independently. There are various combinations & creativity involved which helps students to visualize and design.

Make up

This course provides an excellent introduction to make-up artistry from both a practical and industry led perspective. Available as a daytime and evening make-up course, it is an ideal choice for those who are contemplating a career in the make-up industry but unsure if a profession of this nature is exactly suited to them. Upon completion graduates will have developed a strong foundation in artistry.

Beauty Culture

A thing of Beauty is a joy forever. The art of Beauty Culture is very old and all through the ages, beauties have influenced the minds of Kings, Queens, Poets and other important people who mould society. This course will help the girls to open their Beauty Parlous or get employed on good remuneration with a Beautician, Fitness Centre, etc

Skin Therapy

The skin is regarded as the mirror of an individual's inner health. Skin is the seat of sense organs and the senses of touch, pain, temperature, pressure are felt by it. Skin should be given due care and attention.

Spa Therapy

Spa Therapies deals with the theory and practical areas of various spa therapies from across the world (oriental/western/ayurvedic).


During this course of study you will learn the basic aspects of hair, nails, and skin. At the beginning of the freshman level, you will spend 200 to 300 hours devoted to the basic fundamentals of cosmetology and hair styling. Classes for theory and application are conducted daily. Students then practice their newly learned skill on mannequins and models.

A student must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject matter by passing a written and practical freshman final exam to progress to the floor work.

Course Details 

NSHM Skills provides training in following courses:

  • Skin - Basic course
  • Skin Certificate Course
  • Hair Basic Course
  • Hair Certificate Course
  • Make-ups – Certificate Course
  • Advanced Make Up (Portfolio Make Up, Ramp Make Up, Corrective Make Up, Special Effects Make up etc)
  • Spa therapy – Certificate course
  • Salon Management and other specialized subjects
  • Nutrition courses –normal nutrition, clinical/ sports / child care nutrition
  • Certificate course on Cosmetology n
  • Nutrition

BEAUTY AND WELLNESS  Courses offered by NSHM UDAAN SKILLS FOUNDATION: . A student must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject matter by passing a written and practical freshman final exam to progress to the floor work.  A student must demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject matter by passing a written and practical freshman final exam to progress to the floor work.

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