M.Sc. Wood Science and Technology (Industry-linked) Programme

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Welcome to the Wood Science and Technology Program! The wood products and related industries employ an estimated 10.6 million people nationwide.

The Kannur University started M.Sc. Degree Programme in Wood Science and Technology in the Department of Wood Science and Technology under the School of Wood Science and Technology in the year 2007. The Objective of the Course was to Strengthen the Process of Sustainable and Environment-Friendly Utilization of Timber Resource of the region through conduction of PG Programme relevant to the field of wood utilization and with a future aim of starting Doctoral Programme for carrying out research relevant to the concerned fields.

 So far, the Department has produced five batches of M.Sc. Wood Science and Technology students. However, after its inception, the course with a student strength of 20 became gradually reduced and was found not successful in making an impact on which it actually aimed at due to various factors, and resulted in overall stagnation in the functioning of the Department.

At this juncture, University had come forward with a novel idea of improving the existing course by changing its mode into an Industry-linked Programme with collaborative support from the pioneering wood-based Industry in Asia, The Western India Plywood Ltd. (WIP), Baliapatam, Kannur, Kerala.  


ELIGIBILITY FOR ADMISSION As per the regulations prescribed by the University for the M.Sc. Wood Science and Technology Programme Candidates with Bachelor Degree in Chemistry/ Chemical Sciences/Physics/Botany/Plant Science/ Forestry/ Micro Biology/ Biotechnology/ Mathematics with at least 50% marks in the concerned optional subjects excluding Subsidiaries are eligible for admission to this course.

Rules regarding minimum marks required for Bachelor Degree, reservation etc., will be as laid down by the University from time to time. A pass in the Degree for candidates belonging to SC/ST categories, 45% for OEC and 47% for OBC. 5% of index marks will be awarded to the students having degree in Biology related subjects.

ADMISSION As per the Regulations prescribed by the University Departments for each Programme from time to time.

Selection of the students for the M.Sc. Wood Science and Technology (Industry Linked) Programme will be based on the marks secured by them in the qualifying examinations and based on the marks in the entrance test

 (As per Order No. Acad/C4/14536/2014; dated 08/10/2015, Candidates who passed their qualifying examination from the universities outside Kerala and those students who passed their degrees with different nomenclature from the universities within Kerala, should submit Recognition /Equivalency Certificate while seeking admission. The Recognition /Equivalency Certificate should be insisted based on the regulations of the courses/programmes for which the admission is sought.)

COURSE STRUCTURE Three kinds of Courses are offered - Core, Elective and Open Courses. Core Courses are offered by the Department conducting the Programme. Elective / Open Courses are offered either by the Department conducting the Programme or by any other Department.

Elective Courses are identified by the Department Council of the Department concerned offering the Programme for which the student is admitted. Open Course is optional with 3 credits. One Open Course can be opted in any of the Semesters during the entire Programme. The maximum students that can be admitted to an Open Course is limited as forty (40). Each Course shall have a unique alphanumerical code. Every Course offered by the University Department is identified by a unique course code.

EVALUATION of the students shall be done combinedly by the Faculty member who teaches the Course on the basis of Continuous Evaluation and an End Semester Examination. The proportion of the distribution of marks among End Semester Examination and Continuous Evaluation shall be 60:40. Continuous Evaluation includes Assignments, Seminars, periodic written examinations etc. 



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