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Professional garden designers are experienced in dealing with all aspects of garden and landscape design, mostly working in the private sector, with garden owners, to enhance their private spaces. The garden designer's contribution can vary from a consultation and professional advice on a small area to a complete transformation.





Most garden designers offer project management as an integral part of their service, recommending landscape contractors and monitoring their works to ensure the integrity of the design and the best standards of workmanship are achieved.

One of the exciting aspects of garden designing is the way in which it has developed over the years. This is not only in terms of professionalism and public awareness but also in the approach to contemporary design, the new materials available and the possibilities of creating innovative gardens and landscapes.





As a Garden Designer, the professional should have a innate love for nature, good understanding of plants and aesthetic sensibility.





No degree or diploma is required for this career. However there are short term courses available.






Depending on the experience and the kind of project, the Garden Designer can earn anything between 3000 - 10000 per project.




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