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Vault B has not been opened presumable for centuries. The Supreme Court appointed committee members opened the metal-grille door to Vault B, and discovered a sturdy wooden door just behind it. They opened this door as well, and encountered a third door, made of iron, which was jammed shut. The observers considered forcing their way in, but deemed this improper; they decided to hire a locksmith. Then, in mid-July, before the locksmith came, the royal family got an injunction from the Supreme Court against opening vault B.

The mysterious door of Vault B

The entire world stands now to know whats behind that door. According to experts, the door was supposed to unlock by itself when a secret chant is spelled, as it is believed that the door is locked in that way

It is believed that this chamber is being consider as highly mysterious,sacred and risky by Trust members and other learned astrologers. The steel door of Chamber B is having two big COBRA PORTRAITS on it and this door has no nuts, bolts or even latches. It is just a plain chunk of steel
It is considered to be fixed to the chamber by using “NAGA BANDHAM” by the then “SIDDHA PURUSHAS” who lived during the reign of King Marthandavarma. in 16th century

The door to such a vault can only be opened by a highly erudite ‘SADHUS’ who are familiar with the knowledge of extricating “NAGA BANDHNAM” by chanting a very sacred and difficult “GARUDA MANTRA”.

According to the legends, if anyone tries to force open this door ,which has “NAGA BANDHAN” on it, then catastrophes are likely to occur throughout the world.

Vedic Astrologers of India tried to open the door, but they were unable to open the door by chanting the secret “GARUDA MANTA”. If this mantra is chanted properly by some Sadhu, the automatically opens up without any human effort needed to open it. Adding to the belief that Garuda drives away mighty serpents from our way.

As of now, people from other side could listen to the sounds of water or sounds made by snakes as guessed. Till date no one knows what exactly is behind the vault.

Being an expert in the field of Vaishnavism and professionally being a mechanical engineer ,I have researched heavily in the secret of Padmanabhaswamy Temple.

Due to my sheer interest in history ,Vaishnavism and mechanical engineering I tried to link the data given by the localites and old men near the temple.

As on records given by Mr.Vinod Rai ,the CAG of India,it has been proven that Vault B has been a problem for years.The royal family of Travancore strictly opposes the opening of it and so does their supporting administrators of the temple.

The facts Im mentioning below have been uncovered after researching in ancient books based in Travancore

Mrs Hatch writes in her book titled "Guide to Travancore: 1931" "They tried to open the cobra gates of the temple but failed so,but were faced by millions of cobras and snakes of shrimp variety .They were chased for life".This incident occured in 1908 and 1931 too according to the author.
But the book ,only formal record of the vault opening did mention about cobras and snakes being infested in the chamber which we are referring to as Vault B.
Vaishnavism books clearly states that the Maharaja of Travancore was a Vaishnavite who devoted the temple to deity lord Padmanabhan and himself became the servant.
This clearly states that the chambers were inventories of donations of Vishnu followers from all over the world especially the Sangam Era kingdoms of Chola,Chera,Pandyas.

Now I will connect various links,stories,myths,secrets to reach one common conclusion to the secret of last chamber called Vault B by Supreme Court of India.These links are the best estimated conclusions which can be drawn about.I havenot mentioned untold facts and secrets in this answer as Im abstained due to the case being under Court.

If the vault was opened in 1931 due to which cobras came out,then cobras cant survive without basic necessities in the chamber for so many years without opening the vault thus clearly stating two things

The snakes are fed by external people,or snakes have other way out to an unknown location.Im referring to the vault as being a secret tunnel leading to a confidential location or may be a forest less inhabited.


So much of treasure in terms of quality and quantity cant be brought inside the temple with millions of people looking at it .It must have been confidentially fed in.Thus revealing a secret tunnel .So the small antechambers can connect all the vaults to one common main vault called Vault B.Main reasons of this conclusion are

How can such a big amount of treasure survive for so many years without coming in eye of people until 1931.
How can the King enter tonnes of treasures without getting it mentioned not even in one of the books written by people of that time.
The temple survived during British period How??
The Vault B is the biggest secret which is to be revealed as it must have more space and necessities for cobras to survive,i.e food and water which is not possible in the chamber until someone feeds them or they go out in open more suitably a forest.
The tunnel Im referring to could lead to anywhere ,a fort,forest anywhere but not a place currently inhabitated by people cause if that was the case it would have been discovered.
So many years have passed by the tunnel must have broken or be in a terrible state or It could have been used to get out the treasures which is currently missing as said by CAG.
My conclusions may be strong but I wont assert them as facts as until the Naga Bandham is broken the Vault cant br opened.This is a fact ,the door has seamless iron welds which clearly shows it cant be broken so easily .It would require Electron beam machining or Laser beam machining.

In temple chronicles, the vaults were earmarked generally as thiru aras and, more variously as mahabharatha konathu ara, sree pandaram ara, muthalpidi aras, vedavysankonathu ara, and so on. But now, the vaults are identified more with the first six letters of the English alphabets. Supreme court has announced the B ara or vault should not be opened as some says it is opening to sea, some says it is risk and all. But the wealth calculated opening other aras or vaults comes up to lakh crores. 
The travancore kings were atmost devotional and making any false allegations without any proof would be a disrespect to the years of trust and devotion they showed towards the temple .

Chamber B hasnt been open for centuries and that the reason the doors are jammed .

The wealth found was profound in gold and gems and there are specific places or mines in India and Burma form where these were brought in large quantities ,they were moved to the vaults during the british raj as displaying the welath would have only lead to the british looting the temple as they did across India .

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