Diploma in Forestry

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Forest is a very important part of the environment. Forest not only provides shelter to the wild life it also provides life sustaining items to the human. Forest provides woods, foods and medicinal herbs to the human. So we need people who understand the specialisation of the various types of forests and utilises it in its highest potential while providing conservation to the forest.

Eligibility Criteria

A candidate is considered eligible for diploma in Forestry if he or she has obtained an class 10 pass certificate and possess a Secondary School Leaving Certificate. A candidate who passed class 12 with the subject of biology is given more preference.  The minimum age requirement is 15 years and the candidates have to appear for an screening exam before getting admission.

Course Outlook

The diploma in Forestry is a 1 year course that trains the students on various aspects of forest and its uses, its quality and its proper handling. The students are evaluated on the basis of their performance in practical and theory and graded on the continuous formative exams and end semester exams. The course deals with all type of practical aspects of forest and conservation of the flora and fauna.

Job prospects

There are numerous scopes of job in the market for a diploma holder in the degree of forestry as there are numerous forests in India and these requires many people who can coordinate the job of conservation and utilisation of the forest at its maximum level of utility.


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User's Comments

Gabrieli fidelis Reply

good im tour guide from Tanzania i want to study about forest. please help me for how to get our aplication form through my imail nevfidelis.com or phone number 225786896162

Gabrieli fidelis Reply

its my hobe can i get aplication form please through nevfidelis@gmail.com

Norbu dorji Reply

I work as a forester in Bhutan and i wanna upgrade my certificate level to diploma in forest so can i get admission or how can i apply for this course.

Shantam ojha Reply

Can I get the details about this course ... My e mail account Shantamojha83192@gmail.com

Yashwanth kumar s Reply

Please send application for diploma in forestry

Anandam r menon Reply

pls tell me which institute offers diploma in Forestry for commerce students

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