CCTV Installation Technician:The individual at work is responsible for installing the CCTV system in the customer premises. The individual understand the customer and site requirement, installs the camera and integrates the hardware for effective CCTV su

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CCTV Installation Technician

Also called ‘CCTV Installer’, the CCTV installation Technician provides after sale support services to customers, typically, at their premises.

The individual at work is responsible for installing the CCTV system in the customer premises. The individual understand the customer and site requirement, installs the camera and integrates the hardware for effective CCTV surveillance system functioning.

Applicable National Occupational  Standards (NOS)

  • Visit site and understand customer’s requirement, Install CCTV camera, Setup CCTV surveillance system, Coordinate with colleagues and co-workers, ?Visit site and understand customer’s requirement

This unit is about visiting and checking the site condition where the Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera would be installed; deciding the system setup; and interacting with customer.

This unit/ task covers the following: Interact with the customer Understand their requirements Visit the site, Understand the site condition and requirement, Suggest possible solutions, Decide on the CCTV system to be installed Achieve , productivity and quality standards

Install CCTV camera

This unit is about installing the CCTV camera at customer’s premises as per customer’s

preference and connecting the camera to the system through cables

This unit/task covers the following: Procure the hardware required for installation Test the hardware before installation Connect the cables, Install and setup the camera, Use appropriate tools and equipments for installation, Achieve productivity and quality standards

 ELE/N4611 Setup CCTV surveillance system

This unit is about connecting the CCTV camera to the recorder and setting up theCCTV monitoring system for viewing and recording images as per customer’s requirement.

This unit/ task covers the following: Connect CCTV camera and DVR with the system, Setup the CCTV system, Ensure system functioning and perform a demo, Complete the installation task and report, Interact with customer, Interact with superior, Achieve productivity and quality as per company’s norms

ELE/N9909 Coordinate with colleagues and co-workers

This OS unit is about communicating with colleagues and seniors in order to achieve smooth work flow.

This unit task covers the following: Interact with supervisor or superior, Coordinate with colleagues, Interact with supervisor or superior, Coordinate with colleagues

Knowlegde and Understanding

  1. Organizational Context B.Technical Knowledge


  • Core Skills/Generic Skills, Reading and writing, Teamwork and multitasking

Professional Skills

  • Interpersonal skills Communication skills Behavioural skills, Hardware and electrical skills Using tools and equipment Reflective thinking, Critical thinking, Hardware and software operating skills Using tools and machines, Decision making

The following acronyms/codes have been used in the nomenclature above:

Sub Sector

Range of Occupation Numbers

Passive Components

01 - 10


11 - 20

PCB Manufacturing

21 - 30

Consumer Electronics

31 - 40

IT Hardware

41 - 50

PCB Assembly

51 - 55

Solar Electronics

56 - 60

Strategic Electronics

61 - 65

Automotive Electronics

66 - 70

Industrial Electronics

71 - 75

Medical Electronics

76 - 80

Communication Electronics

81 - 85

PCB Design

86 - 90


91 - 95

Tools and Equipments

Different types of CCTV Camera, DVR, Monitor, Key board mouse & their hardware, Storage device, Diagonal cutters, screwdrivers, crimp tools, knife for cabling and camera Mounting

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K satyanarayana Reply

Hi sir I would like to know is there any skill development center in Andhra Pradesh on CCTV installation technician,if there is! Please inform to my mail ID with your kind and how to apply for it.. thank yo

Nsim Reply

Please visit http://astm.co.in/cctvit-cctv-installation-technician/ , there you will get the details

Shubham Reply

Respectively sir Where this cctv installation courses is available in rohtak, haryana??

Cctv dealers chennai Reply

please visit our website for best deals Cctv installation in Chennai

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