B.Voc in Medical Transcription

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Medical transcription is the industry that provide doctor dictated reports, procedures, and notes into an electronic or paper format in order to create files representing the treatment history of patients. Health practitioners dictate what they have done after performing procedures on patients.


If a patient is admitted to the hospital, or seen in the emergency room, or has an X-ray, for practically any medical incident, reports are generated. 


The medical transcriptionist is the key person who transforms those reports from the dictated form to the written form, to be produced as hard copy or sent to storage in a computer system.


As long as people get sick, injured, or visit medical personnel for other reasons, there will be a job for a medical transcriptionist. That transcriptionist must know medical terminology thoroughly, must have a command of English grammar, and be efficient on the keyboard.


Eligibility Criteria for B.Voc in Medical Transcription


  • Students who completed plus two and one year of  BSS Diploma in Medical Transcription is eligible to get direct admission to the second year of B. Voc course (3rd semester)
  • Those who qualified SSLC and one year of BSS Diploma in Medical Transcription are qualified for the B. Voc degree course in Optometry.


Course Duration


  • Three years for those who enter into the course generally.

  • Candidates who completed BSS  Diploma in Medical Transcription are possible to get admission through lateral entry scheme (For further reference check Eligibility criteria)


Skills and Attributes


Medical Transcriptions must possess the some essential attributes such as:

  • Familiarity with medical jargon

  • Good typing skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent command over English

  • Ability to adjust to different accents and diction

  • Ability to deduct medical inconsistencies in dictation

  • Ability to work long hours

  • High level of concentration over long periods of time


Work Areas


  • State, local, and private hospitals

  • Administrative and support services

  • Offices of physicians

  • Self-employed workers

  • Medical and diagnostic laboratories


Careers Related to Medical Transcriptionists


  • Court Reporters

  • Information Clerks

  • Interpreters and Translators

  • Medical Assistants

  • Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

  • Receptionists

  • Secretaries and Administrative Assistants


Advanced Courses in B.Voc in Medical Transcription


Most of the colleges offer Post graduation courses after the degree in B.Voc in Medical Transcription.












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