B.Voc in Accounting and Taxation: Eligibility, Criteria, Job Opportunities , Requirements

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B.Voc in Accounting and Taxation teaches students the factors related to the field. Students who wish to pursue the program should have an inclination of commerce and accounting skills. They should have the ability to analyze data, calculation and basic understanding if GST and latest taxation laws. The course lays a strong ground for candidates to take up higher qualification in the field. The program empowers students in gaining an overview of the Indian tax regime, fundamentals and principles of accounting, taxation, VAT system, Calculation of GST and its various brackets. They are supposed to have good calculation skills and a basic understanding of commerce which can help them instill in them the advanced principles of the subject.


Eligibility Criteria for B. Voc in Accounting and Taxation


  • Students who have completed plus two are eligible to get admission in the B. Voc in Primary Education course.

  • Students who have qualified SSLC and completed one year of BSS Master Diploma in Accounting are eligible to get direct admission to the first year of B. Voc in Accounting and Taxation course (first semester).

  • Students who have completed plus two and one years of BSS Master Diploma in Accounting are eligible to get direct admission to the second year of B. Voc in Accounting and Taxation course (third semester).


Course Duration


  • Three years for those who enter into the course generally.

  • Candidates who completed BSS Diploma course are possible to get admission through lateral entry scheme (For further reference check Eligibility criteria section)


Skills Required


  • Innovation

  • Understanding

  • Communication

  • Commercial Awareness

  • Enthusiasm

  • Initiative

  • Credibility/Integrity

  • Resilience

  • Stability


Career Prospects


Certificate Course in Finance Accounting and Taxation paves way for graduates and students gain a deeper perspective on the course at the same time train them in the sector. They can go on to build their career in areas surrounding International Financing, Taxation, Auditing Offices, Real Estate Financing, Budget Analysis, Management Accounting Offices, Corporate Finance Offices, and other such. They can choose to become Revenue Agent, Assistant Manager, Accountant, Tax Policy Analyst, Assistant Manager, Marketing Manager, Personal Finance Consultant, Corporation Taxation, Employment Tax Specialist, Executive Indirect Taxation, and other such.


Enlisted below are some career options for candidates to choose from:


  • Tax Policy Analysis

  • Accountant

  • Corporation Taxation

  • Assistant Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Revenue Agent



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