B.Voc in Diabetology

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Diabetology primarily focuses on the basic aspects of Diabetology and Endocrinology and ensure students with detailed knowledge about Diabetes such as its causes, diagnosis and its prevention.

Eligibility Criteria for B. Voc in Diabetology

  • Students who completed plus two and one year of BSS Diploma course in Diabetology is eligible to get direct admission to the second year of B. Voc course (3rd semester)

  • Those who qualified SSLC and one year of BSS Diploma course in Diabetology are qualified for the B. Voc degree course in Diabetology.


Course Duration

  • Three years for those who enter into the course generally.

  • Candidates who completed BSS diploma course are possible to get admission through lateral entry scheme (For further reference check Eligibility criteria section)


B. Voc in Diabetology Course suitability


This course is well suited to those students who want to achieve some research in the field of Diabetology and Medicine and are interested in finding better drugs which can cure the lethal disease such as Diabetes. 


Skills required


  • Creative bent of mind

  • analytical and logical skills 

  • Must have a curious mind to excel in the field.


Top Job areas


  • College and Universities 

  • Research Laboratories 

  • Hospitals etc.


Top Job Profiles


  • Lecturer/Teacher

  • Diabetologist

  • Researcher

  • Endocrinologist etc.


Advanced Courses in B. Voc Diabetology


Most of the colleges offer Post graduation courses after the degree in B.Voc Diabetology.

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