B.Voc in Human Physiology

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Human physiology is the science of the mechanical, physical, and biochemical function of humans, and serves as the foundation of modern medicine. As a discipline, it connects science, medicine, and health, and creates a framework for understanding how the human body adapts to stresses, physical activity, and disease.

The B.Voc degree course in Human Physiology offers advanced lessons to eligible scholars on the difficulties of the body and its mechanisms at various levels, namely at the cellular, tissue and organ level. Students are taught to relate several functions of the body with the body's organs and systems. 


Eligibility Criteria for B. Voc in Human physiology


  • Students who completed plus two and one year of BSS Diploma course in Physician Assistant is eligible to get direct admission to the second year of B. Voc course (3rd semester)

  • Those who qualified SSLC and one year of BSS Diploma course in Physician Assistant are eligible to get the admission for B.Voc course in Human physiology.

Course Duration

  • Three years for those who enter into the course generally.

  • Candidates who completed BSS diploma course are possible to get admission through lateral entry scheme (For further reference check Eligibility criteria section)

B.Voc in Human Physiology Suitability


Listed here are the skills that ideal candidates of the course would possess.

  • Good Communication

  • Numeracy

  • Research

  • Ethics

  • Patience

  • Problem-Solving


Top Job Areas


  • Biomedical Companies

  • Hospitals and Clinics 

  • Research Labs 

  • Health Science Agencies

  • State or Federal Agencies

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

  • Teaching in Private Institutions

  • University and Hospital Research Laboratories

Human Physiology Job Types


  • Cardiovascular Tech

  • Geneticist Assistant

  • Health Care Administrator

  • Home Care Worker

  • Lab Assistant

  • Medical Laboratory Technician

  • Physiotherapist

  • Practical Nursing

  • Personal Trainer

  • Research Assistant

  • Science Technical Writer

  • Therapist Assistant


Advance Courses in B.Voc Human Physiology


Master's degree



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