B. Voc in Echo Cardiography & Cardiac Technology: Eligibility, Job description, Duties and Requirements

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Cardiac Technology is an associated course in medicine. Cardiac technologists work as assistants to cardiac physicians. Cardiac technology courses offer detailed learning and hands-on experience on heart health and cardio testing procedures.  B.Voc degree in this subject helps the students learn and practice the skills they need to become cardiac technologists.

 Cardiac technologist has to diagnose and treat patients with heart and blood vessel diseases. Their job is always centered on the diagnosis of heart and vascular disease. They also assist physicians during invasive cardiovascular testing.


Eligibility Criteria for B.Voc in Echo Cardiography& Cardiac Technology


Students who have completed plus two are eligible to get admission in the B.Voc course.

Lateral Entries

  • Those who have qualified SSLC and completed two years of BSS diploma course in Echo Cardiography& Cardiac Technology are eligible to get direct admission to the second year of B.Voc course (3rd  semester)

  • Students who have completed plus two and two years of BSS diploma course in Echo Cardiography& Cardiac Technology are eligible to get direct admission to the third year of B. Voc course (5th semester)


Course Duration


  • Three years for those who enter into the course generally.

  • Candidates who completed BSS Diploma course are possible to get admission through lateral entry scheme (For further reference check Eligibility criteria section)


Objectives of the Course


  • test patients for heart problems.

  • take care of those suffering from cardiovascular disease.

  • use and maintain medical equipment and machines used in the field.

  • apply basic and advanced life support skills.

  • study emergency invasive procedures that could save an individual's life.

  • insert catheters and use pacemakers in practical settings.

  • study cardiac-related procedures.

  • observe the correct way to perform cardiac procedures before applying practical skills.


Roles and Responsibilities of Cardiac technologists


  • diagnosing and treating cardiac (heart) and peripheral vascular (blood vessel) conditions.

  • preparing patients for open-heart surgery.

  • implanting pacemakers.

  • monitoring patients during these procedures.

  • performing cardiac stress tests and electrocardiograms.

  • using and maintaining the medical equipment that catches irregular heartbeats.

  • working in laboratory settings on real patients.

  • management of various cardiac disorders having complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


Required Job skills


  • Students should have a strong background in medicine and science and must be detail oriented and organized.

  • They must have the ability to take decisions in life-threatening situations.

  • One should have discipline, patience, commitment to excel and self-confidence to become cardiac technologists.

  • They should have a desire to serve patients, have compassion towards others, be self-motivated and be able to survive the pressures and long hours of medical education and practice.


Job Types


  • Cardiovascular technician

  • Cath lab technician

  • Echo cardiographer

  • Registered cardiovascular invasive specialist

  • Registered Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist

  • Registered Cardiac Sonographer


Job Duties


  • aid in the diagnosis and treatment of heart and blood vessel issues.

  • review doctor and patient documentation.

  • schedule appointments and monitor patients' heart rates.

  • look after and operate the equipment.

  • explain test procedures to patients and identify problems in their test findings.

  • specialize in invasive procedures.

  • assist in the cardiac catheterization of balloon angioplasties and electrophysiology tests.



Advance Course


  A student aspiring for more knowledge in the same or related domain can opt for higher studies in Master's degree.


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